2018 Volunteer Registration

Please be aware that only limited 240v power will be available, and should be used sparingly!

In case we need to negotiate a different time slot for you, we will phone you.
But first, please tell us when you will definitely NOT be available.
Work Skills: We try to use our volunteers skills and we know that you all have hidden talents. If you have skills and experience, please show this below. Please bring your own gloves, tools and safety items.
For enquiries about dates or placement, contact Tom Harding 0418 300 597
About the
Bakers: Laurie Gray at 0427 587 362,
About the
Works program: Tom Harding or Bob Brownlee on 0409 433 731.

Receipt of this form will be acknowledged electronically or by phone.

Please note: If you enter your email address incorrectly, you will not be able to receive an automatic confirmation of your registration - so please check carefully that it and your contact phone number/s are correct.