Sorry folks… Fully booked
Please come again in 2018

Please be aware that only limited 240v power will be available, and should be used sparingly!

School holidays 2017…

SA: Saturday July 8, to Sunday July 23 (weeks 7 & 8)
Vic: Saturday July 1, to Sunday July 16 (weeks 6 & 7)
NSW: Saturday July 1, to Sunday July 16 (weeks 6 & 7)
Consider also…

Cricket match and Fun day date not yet decided
Mon June 12 is a public holiday in SA (
Queens birthday)
Marree Camel Cup races Sun July 9 2017

Please note…

We would like you to arrive on the Saturday, and leave on the Sunday to ensure a smooth transition between volunteer teams.

Select 2 weeks
maximum that you wish to attend. They do not have to be consecutive.
There are now limited places remaining in some weeks, however if you happen to nominate a period that is fully booked, we can place you in our cancellation list. (We will talk to you about alternatives).

If you are unsure of your dates, suggest alternatives in the information section of this form and we will discuss options with you.

(Weeks 1 and 2 are fully booked)
Work Skills: We try to use our volunteers skills appropriately. (We know that you all have hidden talents). If you have some experience, please show this in the table below. Please bring your own gloves, tools and safety items.

We have wide ranging - small, large, light, heavy, skilled, unskilled - tasks to match all levels of interest, strength and durability.

You will appreciate that we need to ensure an even number of volunteers over all weeks, so register early. We may have to discuss alternative dates with you.